Monday, August 13, 2012

In the past week {or two}...

In the past week or two, I've:

1.   Rekindled my love of swimming with three 1 mile+ early morning swim workouts.

2.   Enjoyed having a new workout buddy who not only joins me in the pool, but who also invited me to a class that I've been wanting to take for over a year {but was too chicken to go to on my own}. We've been motivating and keeping each other accountable, which is awesome! She's trying to convince me to do the Ironman 70.3 when it comes to Raleigh next August... we'll see about that!

3.   Attended the aforementioned class - Functional Fitness - then suffered with some intense muscle fatigue and ache all down my backside {arms/back/butt/hamstrings} for four days straight {sitting down was a challenge!}. While I love that I know for sure I got a good workout, I'm hoping to use those muscles more so that I'm not laid up for so long after the class!

4.   Ran after/biked along with Valentino on several 4 mile rides on the Greenway around the lake. He's really building up endurance, and he loves our rides {so do I!}.

5.   Went on a solo 12 mile road ride last week, then a 31.7 mile road ride with Vic over the weekend. It felt so great to get out, ride, and SCORCH some calories! The long ride was really tough at times, but I survived and I'm glad I did it :-)

As far as non-fitness related activities:

1. Celebrated Vic's birthday!

This is what I wanted to get Vic for his birthday... they were sold out of his size ;-)
{No, in reality - this showed up in my search for a "Speedo Women's Swimsuit" on Amazon... WTF?!}

2. Spent quality time with Vic :-)
3. Took Valentino fishing twice - both times we caught four {very small!} fish.
4. Enjoyed some cooler, though still very warm, summer weather {and thankfully, lots of sunshine!}.

I'm hoping to find time to write more for the blog. I have a whole list of post ideas, as well as some drafts I'd love to finish and finally post.

Must scoot off to bed - the alarm's set for 4:45am so that I can make it to the pool around 5:10 :-)

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