Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts... I've returned!

Life {mostly work} has been crazy since my last update, so I just haven't felt inspired to type up a post after having sat all day inside, behind a computer. Sorry for my *loyal* followers... all few of you :-)

What has gone on since my last post? Nothing out of the ordinary... here are the highlights:

  • September came and went. The weather was nice here, but very wet. We cursed the rain, especially when it happened on a Saturday.
  • I spent a lot of time in the pool and didn't go to the gym to do anything else (but I did run outside at least once/week).
  • We went to Bug Fest and SparkCon in DT Raleigh, and to an open house at a fire station.
Rickshaw ride during BugFest
Firepuppy at the Stony Hill Fire Station open house
{PS: I need one!}

  • Valentino got a go-cart, and it's hilarious.

Random thoughts on this Friday:

  1. Why would someone swim laps wearing a snorkel? It doesn't make sense to me and it's cheating. Plus I don't like when said snorkel is pointed in my direction and I get a blast of your exhalation. Ew.
  2. My mind has been very consumed with political thoughts lately, and I've wanted to seriously lash out at some people w/opposing views who are in my FB feed... this morning, I decided I was going to ignore it all for today and focus on positivity and not let their ignorance words get to me.
  3. I really want to clean/organize/purge junk from my house.
  4. I'm obsessed with coconut oil, ever since reading that it {like ACV} is a wonder-cure for everything from fatigue to better hair to weight loss. I'm going to start using it more and consuming it in smoothies and oats to cash in on the benefits! {PS: Both Vic and I have experienced wonder-curing from ACV in the past few weeks. That stuff is the shizz.}
One thing to think about:
How do you feel about homeschooling? Be frank. You think homeschool kids are freaks? Or do you {like me} wish the option had been available to you when you were in school {not having to deal w/getting up super early and school busses, no boring classes w/crap you don't care about, bullies, cliques, not fitting in/having all the "cool" stuff, peer pressure, BS curriculum, etc.}?

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