Thursday, August 11, 2011

My name is Nikki, and I'm a blog-aholic

A couple weeks ago, I decided to add the couple blogs that I read to Google Reader. Hubby had shown me this tool a while ago, but I blew it off as something that I would never use... little did I realize that three years later, it would become my best friend. Within two weeks, three blogs became 41, and I can't stop reading them. Most are about motherhood and inexpensive/classy/DIY home decor, though I have some life and money advice blogs thrown in for good measure... see my list of favorites beside this post.

These blogs have given me a plethora of real, do-able advice and ideas for things that matter to me, and I plan to use my blog as a platform to share my travels in self improvement. I also plan on sharing my family's adventures and silly stories - with an almost 4-year old boy, there's never a lack of things to share!

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