Monday, May 21, 2012

The pictures sum it up -

These were from a couple weeks ago - I was curious to see how a maxi-dress looked on me {since I'm short and stout!}, so I tried one on at Target. I took these pictures to show Vic, to get his opinion... what resulted was hilarious to me {later of course}.

This is what happens when you take a 4-year old boy into a dressing room with you {don't mind the ugly dress and pale chubbiness - the point is to see my silly boy!}:

First, he'll entertain himself with faces in the mirror

Then, he'll try desperately to block your view while saying "Are you done yet!!"

And finally, he'll attempt to escape {I would too if I saw this prairie/hippie lookin' lady!}

Yes, he's a rascal. And no, I haven't found a maxi-dress that I'd want to wear. Does anyone else think they're hot tents? Man, I was roasting by the time I took this off... though it could've been the child wrangling that did it for me...

PS: I ran 9 miles on Saturday. YES - NINE. Holy cow. I was in a "spot of bother" both Saturday and Sunday, and I'm only just now starting to feel okay again. Next Saturday is a 10-miler...

PPS: Since Saturday night, I've had this mystery sunburn-ish pain on the back of my thigh, but there's nothing visible. WTH? Shingles? Allergic reaction? Fybormyalgia {courtesy of WebMD of course}? I just want it to go away.


  1. hm, you don't think about how to try on clothes with a kid very much. thanks for showing me how it might be :) i got a kick out of it!

    as far as maxi dresses, I've had luck with things that are more flowy vs. clingy. Don't know if this helps, but good for you for giving it a 'go'!

  2. Love me some Valentino!!

    As for maxi dresses, I'm not a fan either - the only time I've worn them is while pregnant (because you look cute in everything with a big ol' baby belly)

    1. Thanks Shannon! He's a little ham at times!

      Glad I'm not the only one not partaking in the maxi! I'm sure you looked adorable in one w/the baby belly though!