Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Mid-week Update

Today is one of those days where you wake up feeling fine, and as the day goes on, the area you worked out yesterday gets more and more sore.

Sunday and Monday were active rest days, then I ran 4 miles on Tuesday evening {funny that 4 miles feels like NBD nowadays!}, which felt awesome.

Last night I did a workout referred to by Vic as the "world's strongest man workout" - I once again marched up and down our very steep driveway holding a 35-lb weight plate... but this time, Vic gave me instructions on different exercises to do - sometimes I had to shoulder press the weight up, or hold it over my head, or go further down the street, or do squats while going down the driveway, or walk backwards up the driveway. My hamstrings, arms, upper back, shoulders and even my core are *sweetly* sore today - I love the burn! I'm hoping to repeat this workout several times a week, as those are definitely my problem areas. I'm feeling more toned and I've lost some weight, so I feel very motivated right now.

Today will be a 4 mile run again, then I'm scheduled for 10 - yes 10 - miles on Saturday morning. Wow-wee. Wish me luck!

In other news - I finished up my first MyPublisher photo books. They're gifts for my mom and grandma {we're going to give the books to them when we visit MI}, and I'm so excited to see what the final product looks like. It seems like there are a lot of cool features to MyPublisher - some of which I learned/used - and I want to learn more as I begin to make our family books. I love making things like this, but it's SO time consuming - going through all those pictures, picking out your favorites...

Work is busy. Life is busy. Trying to button up details for our MI trip... still need a dog sitter. Any takers?

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