Tuesday, July 17, 2012

17 Day Diet: Day 2 = hungry, but ok.

Day 1 = success. I ate as planned in the afternoon {which is where I tend to fall apart} - a cup of 0% raspberry Chobani for a snack around 3:30pm, then grilled marinated chicken and a cup of broccoli for dinner at around 6:45. That was it, and although I had a hard time getting the chicken down {so. much. chicken.}, I was okay with it.

Got up this morning at 5:20, ate 1/2 a banana then ran 3.3 miles {in about 36 minutes... pathetic!}. Weighed myself and I was down 2lbs from yesterday! Yay! I know it's all bloat/water/etc., but it's very motivating! Four pounds down for the month, six more to go :-)

I'm about to dig in to this salad:

Chicken, strawberries, blueberries and raspberry walnut dressing. I'll have a cup of Chobani for a snack later in the afternoon. Dinner will be another thrilling installation of grilled chicken and broccoli... I'm going to have to switch it up tomorrow though, so I don't get burned out on all the chicken.

Is anyone an apple cider vinegar drinker? I had heard about it and all its benefits before, but someone mentioned it on FB yesterday and it reminded me that I should give it a try. It's supposed to have many, many health benefits {my favorite being the appetite suppression!}. I've got to stop at the store and pick some up one night this week - the best variety is said to be Bragg's organic, all-natural, which is carried by Kroger stores. I want to try this recipe from Delighted Momma {I need a concoction - the smell of ACV is enough to make me barf}.


  1. never tried drinking apple cider vinegar before! good luck! seems interesting! :)

    and great job running this morning. i ran 3 this morning too! not sure of my pace, but i think i'm rounding out to close to a 10min/mi pace as well...it's not easy in this heat, even at 6am!

    1. ACV is supposed to be awesome for your health (cancer prevention, clearer skin, improved alkalinity, toxin clarifying...). I figure I'd give it a go!

      So proud of your morning run!! If you don't mind running w/your iphone, I suggest the MapMyRide (or MapMyRun) app. It's free, and it tracks your pace/distance/etc. using the GPS on your phone. Vic and I use it for bike riding too. It's a little sketchy if you're in heavy trees, but otherwise pretty good!

      And yes, it was hot and thick this morning - I was SOAKED.