Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Family Vacation, Take 3: The Ride Home and Wilmington

First, Vic is at the Valient Thor show @ Cat's Cradle tonight, and I am guiltlessly enjoying episodes of Girls on HBO on Demand ;-) Funny stuff!

Second, the diet is going well so far, but today/tonight has been really hard. I did great this morning, but in the afternoon I was absolutely starving/nauseous and without any snacks. I had to resort to some trail mix from the vending machine... not terrible {like a candy bar}, but technically nuts and raisins are not allowed. This evening I also had a few bites of pizza {so hard to resist!}, a few kernals of pop corn, and a sugar/fat-free cup of pudding. Not so great, but I didn't lose control of the situation, like I would've before this diet.

So now for the last re-cap of our trip.

After our trip to the zoo, we spent the evening at Heritage Park in Canton, a park that I spent a lot of time at while I was growing up. It was so sweet to be there with my son and husband, as a full-fledged adult. And it kind of made me homesick...

We trekked to Ikea on Tuesday and drove around town, enjoying our last day in MI. {Ikea totally disappointed me - it was under renovation, so they only had about half their usual items.} Wednesday morning, we enjoyed some of Grandma's french toast, packed up our car {to the max}, and hit the road. The trip home got tense with about four hours left, and we were all very ready to be home. On Thursday, it was a million degrees out and we were all wrecked, so it was a nap-filled, relaxed day.

Friday morning, we headed out to Wilmington for an overnight stay. It was 100* both Friday and Saturday, so the beach was really the best place to be.

Valentino flying a kite at Ft. Fisher beach
Getting his feet wet {that's about as far as he went in - the surf was a bit rough that day!}
The boy loves the beach!
We had our fill of the beach for the day, headed back to our hotel, and got ready to go to dinner:

Hamming it up.
Then set out for the Downtown Sundown Concert in Wilmington - a Led Zeppelin tribute band. {An interesting crowd, for sure!}

Sunset in Wilmington
Saturday was more beach time before we left for home. Sunday was another relaxed day - a good way to end the vacation.

All in all - we had a nice vacation. It was perfect to break up the time between a long road trip/visiting family and relaxing beach time for just the three of us.

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