Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Nostalgia

{This post was meant to be live on Easter, but I forgot... oops.}

I have a love of all holidays, and Easter is no exception.

When I was younger, and my family was more family-like, I remember so many warm and fun Easter Egg hunts and Easter dinners. I distinctly remember certain items that were a staple at Easter - intricate "scene" eggs, butter lambs, bunny cakes with coconut "fur," amazing glazed hams, ambrosia salad - all of which came from the Eastern Market in DT Detroit (Polish people love that market!) or was made by my Grandma and Great Aunt. Some of my fondest memories of Eastertime include our tradition of dying eggs and my Grandparents' house - we always used the BEST egg dye (Ruby's! Anyone else remember those glass bottles w/the bunny head stoppers??), which is not made anymore. My mom and Grandpa would argue over who had the best egg, and we'd dye at least 3 dozen (even though it was just our family of 4 and my Grandma and Grandpa). I remember the smell of the dye and the eggs. Such a dear memory to me.

This year, we dyed eggs on Friday night - Valentino was so excited about it, and he really, really enjoyed himself. I only prepared one dozen eggs - next year there will definitely be more!

Some pics:

Daddy and Valentino dying Easter eggs
Our eggs!

My favorite photographer

Bunny and his dye

Easter day was much like a regular day - Vic had to work. Valentino woke up at 6:20, so Vic was able to see him hunt for his eggs and find his Easter basket (Vic's family always hid their baskets - mine did not, and I had never heard of this!). Valentino was so excited to get his little basket of candy, a chocolate bunny, a new harmonica, and the Elefun game that he'd been asking for.

Vic went to work, so Valentino and I did our normal Sunday errands (grocery shopping) and then we had no less than a dozen additional Easter egg hunts. He would hide the eggs for me, I'd search for them, then we'd switch. This went on for about an hour or two, and by the time we were through, the eggs were seriously cracked and shot! Once Vic got home, we enjoyed a ham dinner and a quiet evening. It was delightful!

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