Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I work OUT.

Workouts this week (so far):

Sunday: Rest, unless you count grocery shopping and 34234 Easter egg hunts as exercise.
Monday: 8.33 mile "hill jam" bike ride (~38 minutes, 13.0mph avg. speed)
Tuesday: 3.9 mile run (~45:15 = slow, but super hard to get through for me)

I am physically pretty tired after the past two days - today I may do a short (~2 mile) run after work, but we'll see. It's kinda chilly out!

Personal victories:

1. Both workouts took place after work - traditionally, I only workout in the AM. That has become increasingly hard for some reason, so I've started to try it out in the PM. Not my preferred time - it takes away from what needs to be done in the evening - but I gotta do it.

2. Not going overboard on Monday at a bridal shower @ work which consisted of millions of delicious-looking desserts.

The scale showed a couple pound loss this morning, but I'm not going to count that as anything. I have to keep this momentum and mindset, so that I feel less like this at the beach:

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